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Novomatic FV 640 Dominator® 3.24

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Novomativ FV640 combines optimized usability and top quality design with great looks. The result: absolute performance.

The Novomatic FV640 advanced ergonomic features, stirring games, synchronized LED-effects plus sophisticated graphics and top sound create an unforgettable in-depth gaming experience for the guest.
This groundbreaking gaming machine will be the undisputed leader on your gaming floor.

3x 23.8” full HD LED screens
Bottom screen touch-equipped
Independent 18.5” multi-purpose LED topper available
TouchDeck™ player interface / various button panel layouts available
Stirring LED illumination and game-dependent colour effects
Integrated high-performance sound system
Ergonomic design and extra start button integrated in footrest
Main door opens upwards on gas springs

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