Who we are and what we can

Eslots is one of the leading suppliers of gambling and industrial equipment in Europe.

Eslots offers a huge range of equipment for casinos, slot machines and slot-clubs. We work only with well-known European manufacturers, supplying modern and reliable equipment, fully tested and ready for sale. The company was founded in 2010. During this time of successful work, thousands of pieces of gambling equipment have been sold to countries form Europe, Asia and Africa.

Operational strength, well thought out corporate culture and management allow Eslots to remain dominant in existing markets and to succeed in new ones. Professional approach and development of domestic policy allows the Eslots to achieve leading positions in every market in which it enters.International standards of corporate governance and transparency protect and enhance the company's reputation in dealing with customers, employees and regulators.

We constantly change our assets to improve profitability and better serve our customers and partners.

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