08 May, 2023

Commodity Trust AG, success on all fronts

Interview with Sergei Robu, founder of Commodity Trust AG

Commodity Trust AG was awarded Reseller of the Year at the Grand Awards of the Gambling Industry Gala in Romania.

Why did you come to the world of gambling?
Thanks to previous experience closely related to the human factor, whether we are talking about the restaurant business, sales and event management, I had the opportunity to discover a sector that I would like to develop. Later, I spoke with various people who were already active in the industry and was impressed by the professionalism and rigor with which they managed the activities of their companies. Being at the beginning of the journey, these two features have made a significant contribution to the rise of the company.

Who is Commodity Trust AG SRL?
Commodity Trust AG SRL is the solution to our clients’ most complex needs. We offer a wide range of products as well as services such as maintenance of slot machines, determining the best logistical methods for delivering products and of course we provide advice to select the most suitable equipment for a particular market.
The company was born in 2010 together with my colleague Yuri STOYAN, but the first step in this industry was taken in 2015. Behind
The company is worth a whole dedicated team, a backbone of resistance and an extremely important factor in the growth of the company without which I could not achieve these results. It is important to note that we have been working on the same formula from the very beginning of the project.
The employees have been carefully selected, even if they were recruited from other fields, they have managed to integrate perfectly into the positions they currently hold, thanks to their demonstrated personal and professional skills.
The success of any success, as in any other area, is the work and dedication of all the people involved in this project.

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24 March, 2023

Commodity Trust AG, CEGS23 Bronze Partner

Commodity Trust AG has become a bronze partner of the 11th Central European Gambling Summit 2023 – CEGS23.

Commodity Trust AG SRL is one of the largest suppliers of gaming and industrial equipment in Europe.
The company offers a wide range of equipment for casinos, slot machines and gaming clubs.
Commodity Trust AG SRL works only with well-known European manufacturers, providing modern and reliable equipment, fully tested and ready for sale.

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10 February, 2023

ICE London 2023, 7-9 feb

ICE London 2023 is one of the most anticipated events in the gaming industry, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Scheduled to take place from February 7th to February 9th, the event promises to showcase the latest trends, products, and innovations in the gaming industry.

The event will feature over 600 exhibitors and more than 30,000 attendees from various sectors of the gaming industry, including casino gaming, sports betting, online gaming, and more.

Attendees can look forward to insightful presentations, networking opportunities, and a chance to explore cutting-edge technology and gaming products. ICE London 2023 is a must-attend event for anyone in the gaming industry looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.

Commodity Trust on ICE London Exhibition

ICE London is the biggest b2b gambling industry event in the world and features games creators, distributors, operators, retailers, innovators, trade associations, safer gambling charities, strategic bodies and regulators representing every gaming vertical. To join the global gaming community gather ideas, connect with like-minded industry professionals and identify new opportunities visit: .

15 December, 2022

Commodity Trust won the biggest reseller of the year event ever organized in the industry.

On the evening of December 14, the official gala concert of the Grand Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry took place, an event held under the brand of Casino Life & Business Magazine – the most important social event of the Romanian gambling industry, at the luxurious Parisian salon Magic Place Crângași in Bucharest.

Over 150 participants (153 to be exact), 26 partners and supporters, 8 audio and video technicians, 7 artists, singers and dancers, and a staff of 20 people turned the gala into the largest social event ever held in a gaming industry from Romania.

Commodity TRUST

Equipment suppliers, operators of slot machines, monitoring systems, software systems for clients acted in various nominations. Betting franchisors and the best payment betting terminals were named the best slot machines of the year: NOVOMATIC VIP Lounge 2.32″
After the awards were determined, the official ceremony of presenting the Big Gambling Industry Awards took place. in Romania in 2022.
The gala evening ended to the chords of a concert and entertainment program.
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7 april, 2022

Traditional gambling without restrictions, but with armed conflict on the border

Nicolae Sapeanic, Sales Director Commodity Trust AG SRL
The company offers service, spare parts and remanufactured playground equipment from different manufacturers.

What did the pandemic period mean for Commodity Trust AG SRL?
To be honest, during this time I did not have any problems. We sell all over the world from Kazakhstan to Latin America.
The problems were related to the logistics and delivery of spare parts from China and Taiwan, as well as the fact that components and consumables became very expensive. This led to an increase in equipment prices.

What does the current situation mean when the restrictions will be lifted?
Producers came to the aid of the operators and raised prices less than they should have, ie. in proportion to how much the prices of components, logistics or energy have risen.
The market continues to evolve, so operators have begun ordering more powerful equipment to meet the new legal requirements.

Is the armed conflict in Ukraine a problem for equipment suppliers?
The biggest problem is that three markets are lost – Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and we do not know when they will open.
In Romania, the conflict does not affect us at the moment, but it is possible that it will affect us later with its consequences.
However, at the moment we can observe and talk about logistics and transport issues in Poland and Ukraine.

How does the problem of Ukrainian refugees feel?
At this stage, it cannot be said that the refugee problem has undergone any changes in the field in which we work, however, taking as an example the experience of states that have previously encountered this phenomenon, I think that it will change in the short term. have a small positive impact on the economy as a whole, and in the long run it depends on how the state manages the integration of refugees into the world of work. For our part, we will be ready to support initiatives aimed at helping refugees to integrate.

What are the most pressing problems of the gambling industry in Romania?
There are many operators who buy 10-20 machines, one under the license of the other and, unfortunately, do not know the domain. For example, they buy non-original equipment and carry out activities that are not in line with the market. Thus, doing a disservice to the entire industry.

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