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Repair all components for slot machines and roulette

Even the best components eventually reach the end of their lifecycle. The result: outages and reduced productivity. Our Repair Services comprise all service tasks over the entire product lifecycle, from the functional maintenance to the increase of performance. In this way, our service experts analyze, repair, maintain and optimize your components for Slot Machines.


Our team offers refurbishing services for slot machines as well as for electronic roulettes. The housing and all components are subjected to thorough examination and are checked both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. This is a vital step in refurbishing, as defective or missing components are repaired or replaced on the spot by our technicians. At the same time, at this stage we can configure the product according to the needs of our customers, such as the replacement of buttons, boards and other components to make an Up-grade of the equipment.

Professional technical support

We offer you several support options on how to resolve technical issues, repair boards and even setup and maintain entire casino operations both domestic and international. If you need more support, we’ve got you covered. Our technical support staff is top-knotch and experienced in all types of gaming equipment and casino management systems. We offer technical support services by phone or onsite.

If you are interested in our refurbish, repair, tehnical support services please fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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