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EGT G27/32 ST

  • Two monitors with 27” and 32” high resolution screens respectively;
  • Main monitor with built-in touch screen for greater interactivity;
  • 32″ multimedia topper (optional);
  • Sophisticated design with bezel-less monitors that reproduce images with exceptional clarity;
  • Ergonomic features for maximum comfort for the player;
  • Large, spacious keyboard with dynamic touchscreen display and electromechanical buttons for key game functions
  • Especially for game rooms:
  • Reliable key opening system;
  • Well positioned mechanical meters for easy access and good visibility
  • Extremely simple electronic key access system;
  • high quality stereo sound system;
  • Ambient, attractive LED lighting on cabinet sides;
  • Platform supported. Exciter II Exciter III


Height with topper: 2348 mm
Height without topper: 1750 mm
Width: 765 mm
Depth: 749 mm

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